Harmony Club

The Harmony Club has two branches:

Centre Based Activities and Social Support. These services aim to enrich the lives of eligible frail and older people, and younger people with a disability, living in the community. The programs provide friendship, fun, social contact and promotes each person’s opportunity to maximize their capacity and quality of life.

The Harmony Club is for frail and older people, and younger people with a disability, who live in the community and whose capacity for independent living is at risk of premature or inappropriate admission into long term residential care.

Centre Based Clients are picked up in a minibus in the morning and brought to the centre for morning tea, activities including bowls, scrabble and crafts followed by lunch. They are then dropped home in the afternoon. Social Support visits are one-on-one or with a small group and can take place in the clients house or out in the community.

The Harmony Club program receives funding from both the Australian Government – Department of Health and Ageing and the Queensland Government – Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services which provides basic community care services to eligible frail or older people and younger people (under 65) with a disability.
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