Social Support

Social Support can come in many forms and can include home visits to share a cuppa; going out with a small group for a bite to eat, see a movie or go on a bus trip. Social Support provides opportunity for those who are unable to access the community independently. There are many services offered under the Social Support umbrella and all aim to provide that necessary social interaction to isolated individuals.

There is a group within Social Support called the Fun & Friendship Group. The Fun & Friendship Group is for younger people (under 65 years old) with a disability and provides them with a support network and social interaction. The group meets for coffees; bargain shopping and for general shenanigans. If you or someone you know is eligible for this service then please contact the Centre.
Another Social Support group is the Wednesday Concert Group. Every second Wednesday, the Centre transports and accompanies a small group to the Salisbury & District Senior Citizens Club where there is a concert and a lunch.

Transport to medical appointments is also offered for Harmony Club clients.

Costs include
Social Support Outings $10 per person or $15 per couple Transport if appropriate
- coffee and chat
- personal shopping
- movie group plus cost of the movie
Concerts $13 Transport and lunch
Fun and Friendship $7 Transport if required
Bingo $7 Transport
Transport to medical appointments $7